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BlockMint's U.S. Crypto Mining Operations Update

BlockMint's U.S. Crypto Mining Operations Update
    VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- (Newsfile Corp. -- April 20, 2022) -- BlockMint Technologies Inc. (TSX: BKMT) ("BlockMint" or the "Company") is pleased to offer its Bitcoin mining An update on the mining operation, which on December 3, 2021, has 50 new S19 Antminers in a third-party hosting facility in Washington state. Since the start of the mining operation, about 2.76 bitcoins have been mined, which is equivalent to $110,490 at a bitcoin price of $40,000. During the most recent three-month period (i.e. January 1 to March 31, 2022), the amount mined was approximately 2.07 bitcoins. There is no guarantee of future mining or financial performance, which is affected by a variety of factors, including Bitcoin price, mining difficulty, electricity price, machine performance, etc.
    Nelson Ijih, CEO of BlockMint, commented: “We are pleased with the early results of our US-based bitcoin mining operation powered by clean, green hydroelectricity. This cryptocurrency mining operation is a great addition to our A complement to the Minter browser, which allows users to mine cryptocurrencies to earn carbon credits or partial equity in NFTs. The company may expand its crypto mining operations based on future financial performance and current market conditions.” About BlockMint Technologies Inc.
    BlockMint operates cryptocurrency mining operations in Worthington, USA through its wholly-owned subsidiary Blockmint (USA) Technologies Inc., and develops distributed systems and networks that enable more decentralized deployment of blockchain-based applications such as Cryptocurrency mining. The company's Minter browser allows users to use their idle computing power to mine cryptocurrencies for: (i) carbon credits to help offset their carbon footprint; or (ii) fractional ownership of NFTs. The current version of Minter for desktops and laptops with Windows operating systems is available from us.

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